The Inconsistent God vs. The Inconsistent God (1 of 3)


I have to thank Jimmy's post for bringing up this word, inconsistent. I have been thinking about it's definition in the context of "An Inconsistent God." In this series I am going to look at two ideas from this one word and the crucible of faith it reveals. Sound fun? First, we will have a look at the definition:

Displaying or marked by a lack of consistency, especially:
a. Not regular or predictable; erratic
b. Lacking in correct logical relation; contradictory
c. Not in agreement or harmony; incompatible
I really love the definition of inconsistent because it I think it accurately depicts two totally different ideas we all have of God.

1) Inconsistent God - (not regular or predictable; erratic; lacking in correct logical relation) This is the mysterious God who can never be fully understood or explained, who does not fit into our logical perspective...into our natural world. He is the one that created it and is far above it. He is the one who is omnipotent (all-powerful) and omniscient (all-knowing). He is somehow completely sovereign while honoring the free will of man. He is completely good but allows and lives with evil. He is the one who intervenes in humanity yet sometimes seems far away. His decision to do one or the other can never be predicted even close to 100% accuracy. He is perfect in all his attributes, even attributes that seem to be at odds like justice and mercy. Deeper understanding about him, leads to a deeper awareness of the depth and breadth of his mystery. He is the inconsistent God.

2) Inconsistent God - (contradictory; not in agreement or harmony; incompatible) This is the God that simply does not work. He is a contradiction when seen clearly. He is incompatible within his own definitions. He is a figment of the imagination of men to create some sense of hope or purpose outside of this existence. He is NOT reality, but available as a crutch for those in need. He is the inconsistent God.

I think this is one of life's biggest crucibles of faith...all in one word! In fact one of these definitions can catch most of the world's belief in God. The problem is many people will live a life that will jump back and forth between the definitions. Never sold out to one or the other. But both definitions cannot be true at the same time. Only one can be true!