OK- I've sort of hi-jacked the blog this week. Brandon is getting some posts ready for next week and they are really good so stay tuned!

Today is sort of a random update.....
  • If I haven't said it enough- THANK YOU for reading and contributing to our blog. This has been a nice addition to our lives! It's amazing how much we feel we know all of you. The "connections" are irreplaceable as far as we are concerned!
  • We have been told by some friends that they cannot comment on our blog....obviously I can't ask if that is you because you can't comment! But- if you are reading and have had a hard time commenting- will you send us an e-mail or a message on Myspace/facebook so we can check out why. That's something that will need to be remedied.
  • Our nephew turned 16 yesterday- that will make you feel old! He'll be driving soon.
  • Tomorrow is March 1st. MARCH 1st!!!! Time truly does fly when you are having fun! We have an extra day today so make it count!
  • The Internet campus is going strong. We are meeting some incredible people. Our world is shrinking right before our eyes. God- you are seeing ALL of this? What a big God we serve!
  • Blogger is not my favorite. It's been a great starting place but we're ready to move to wordpress or something more functional. Got any input?
  • Spring Break is in 2 weeks (in Oklahoma). Any plans for you? We are planning some stuff right here in OKC but it's going to rock!! Having the boys here all day is awesome!
What's been going on in your life? Any cool or fun stories? Been reading any good books? Seen any good movies?What are you going to do on this extra day of the year?? Have a great weekend!