Family nights (Pt. 1 of 5)

Family nights.....those are words I hold dear to my heart. We have a "family night" once a week (at least) where we are all together, alone, totally focused on each other. We play, we laugh, we treasure this time bonding with our boys.

Someone asked me what we do for "family night" so I wanted to post some of our fun ones. You can use these with your family, or just enjoy reading about ours. I know I will enjoy sharing about them:)

"Our awards banquet"

One week, we made up awards. We just got plain white paper and markers. Each one of us picked a certificate to make and color. We had a "best pose" award, a "funniest face" award, a "best snort" award, and a "laugh champion" award. It was so much fun just making the certificates.

Then we started the competition, because in our house there is always competition! For the "best pose" award, we had to strike 5 poses and hold them for 5 seconds- it was really funny seeing what the boys came up with. I won this award:)

Then, It was the "funniest face" award. This one got us laughing of course. I think we did 5 faces as well. Ethan won this award (for those that know him, you know he has the best facial expressions!).

On to the "best snort" award. It's pretty self explanatory but I'm still asking myself why we taught the boys how to snort, and snort loud! Brandon won this award. Ask him to snort for you someday:)

Lastly, we had the "laugh champion" award. We had to make our best attempt at making the others laugh. You could do just about anything (except tickle). Merrick won this one. It was great because we ended the night laughing!!

I picked this family night because it was fun. It also gave the boys much needed self esteem. You could hang up the awards in their room or on the fridge. They had to "perform" in front of us but had fun while doing it. We still have the awards and it's fun to look back and remember that night. Our boys are now 8 and 5, I think this was about a year and a half ago so your little ones should be at least 4 so they understand what's going on. Or, mom and dad could just perform for the kids and they would think that is pretty funny too!

Stay tuned for more details on some of our family nights. Do you have a "family night"? Any ones you want to share about?Tell us about your family- how many kiddos are there? How old are they?