Family nights (Pt. 2 of 5)

Camp out

Another thing we like to do for family nights is "Camp out". We bring pillows and sleeping bags into the living room and watch movies until late at night. We also go outside and lay on the trampoline together and look at the stars. In Oklahoma, we have warm summer nights which are great for this (until the mosquitoes eat you up!) We even make smores in the fireplace :)

I know it's not as creative as yesterday's, but sometimes the simple things are the best things. Just staying up late talking and laughing. Ethan usually always falls asleep before the movie ends. Merrick has to finish it before he can sleep.

I love slumber parties with the boys. This is something I hope to continue even as they get older. We are heading to Arkansas in a few days and I hear the grandparents are planning on us "camping out" one night on their property...can't wait!

Do you like to camp? Got any fun camping stories? Are you a night owl?

The picture above is Brandon and Ethan fishing in Arkansas last Fall. It's not too clear but just seemed to fit this post.