Family nights (Pt. 3 of 5)

Going on a treasure hunt, X marks the spot.....

A couple of weeks ago we planned a treasure hunt for the boys. The first clue was taped to the bottom of their chairs at the dinner table. When we finished eating, we had them look underneath.

That clue led us to "taking a walk around the block to find a door to unlock"

The next clue was locked in Brandon's car. It led to the Wii and we played games for a while.

The next clue led them to the mailbox where we had chocolate pudding and spoons waiting. We also had the Chronicles of Narnia Prince Caspian book. We read a chapter and then they saw a note inside the book.

We ended the "hunt" and talked about how spending time with family is one of the greatest treasures of all. They loved it!

Yo ho ho ho, a pirates life for me!

What are some things you have done with your family lately? Read any good books? What does your evening routine look like? Are you planning on seeing "Prince Caspian" when it comes out?