Into the Wild (Pt. 2 of 2)

OK- this movie really spoke to me. Sometimes you see something and it affects you beyond what you were thinking. I don't want to build this movie up like it's the best of all time or anything, but I do want to share what insights I had while watching it. I think I was primed and ready because God has been working on my heart and mind quite a bit lately. So much to where I have a hard time processing all that He is saying. This movie is based on a true story and I in now way want to idolize him or paint him to be someone who had it all together because after watching the movie, you know that not to be the case. But, I will say I admire this man and what he stood for.

As far as the movie goes.....

I learned about a man who followed his passions no matter what the world thought about him. He truly was being who he was made to be. That's inspiring! I may not have agreed with all the choices he made but I highly respect his desire to be true to himself. I want to be obedient to Christ, follow my dreams, and reach some goals all while not looking back.

I learned that we reward milestones with "things" instead of with experiences. When he graduates college his parents want to reward him by getting him a car and he says "my car is fine". I think personally, I have chosen accomplishments and tried to celebrate them with food or things, instead of just resting in the accomplishment itself. I want to do this for our kids. Instead of celebrating birthdays or anniversaries or school achievements with a night out at a restaurant or a big gift, I want to sometimes give them an "experience" that will stay with them a lot longer than the recent toy. To see nature in a whole new light, or see a person that is unfamiliar but wise is a lot more impactful than a transformer or a night out at Chili's. I am a gift giver so this one hit me hard. Sometimes it's not about how much we spend, or what we give, but rather spending time together and experiencing something new.

Sometimes we have to do things on our own. We might want to have family or friends with us, but sometimes God needs us to be alone to really "get it". I love that at the end of the movie he realized that he was lonely and experiences are much better when they are shared. I agree with that completely. I am learning that my relationship with Christ really is personal and unique. I have heard that so many times in my life that I cannot count it. But, for some reason, I "got it" this time. What God is telling me may be totally different that what he is telling Brandon. Although we are in sync and one, we still have our very own personal relationship with Christ. I can't lean on Brandon to learn from. I have to learn for myself. In the movie, he had to go out on his own and have his own independence, his own experience, before he could learn what he needed to learn. We can't lean on peers or parents, or anyone who seems to be more mature than us in our Christian life for some kind of justification for knowing/not knowing Christ and who He is to us. We can only look to ourselves and in ourselves.

I need to let my kids be independent! One of my kids reminds me of Chris so much. I think I tend to hold him back. I don't want to do that. I need to trust God with my kids. If they need to go out and explore and grow, I need to let go and let them do that. It's another hard one for me but so important!

I learned that it's not about TV, or amusement parks, or "stuff" we use to entertain ourselves. It's about nature, relationships and books. When our mind is challenged, that's when change will come about. When we have to think and process, it's a good thing. The simple things are where it's at.

Thoughts? Does any of this ring true for you? Can you relate?