April Fool's Day

Brandon used to call me all the time and act like someone else and I fell for it every time!

During our first year of marriage, we lived in a duplex and they were coming around to do inspections. He called first thing in the morning and acted like the inspection guy and said they were coming right then. I jumped out of bed and ran around trying to get ready while talking to "the guy" on the phone. He had me going for a while but then started laughing and I realized it was my hubby.

A few years later, B was in a band called "Rag tag". They were heading out to a concert. He called me and wasn't planning on fooling me but I didn't recognize his voice. Not sure why. He then proceeded to tell me that he was the guy running the gig Brandon was headed to and that the gig was cancelled. He was saying he couldn't get in touch with Brandon. I was telling him that I would try and stressing because Brandon and his brother were already driving to Tulsa. Again- after several minutes of conversation, he laughed and said "Christi, it's me, Brandon!".

One last time, he called in a foreign accent and totally had me. I can't remember the scenario but I just know that I fell for it. Told you I did every time!

He hasn't done that in a long time. I think he felt sorry for me. Please don't feel led to call me and act like someone else!! Do you fall for things like that? Are you a jokester? Do you treat April Fools Day like any other day? What are some pranks/jokes you have played or had played on you?