Do you love the unlovable?

Do you love the unlovable? If I think about that question, I would usually say "YES!" as my first response. I do love to reach out to those that are alone, or new, or that seem to need being reached out to. But that's about as far as I go. I have the "gift" of hospitality and love to make people feel comfortable. Most people would say I am generally friendly. But again, that is as far as I go.

I have heard recently about a guy that drives about 30 minutes out of his way to pick up a man for church that cannot attend on his own. I know someone who wakes up every Friday morning at the crack of dawn to serve the homeless. I know someone in California who picked up their rude, old neighbor every Sunday and drove them to church. I have never went that far!

I love to reach out- but I don't embrace. I don't shepherd. I don't go past those initial few meeting times. I love to get people "set up" and then move on to the next person in need. I realize there are qualities in all of us that are needed. Some people may not enjoy the first impressions but love the one on one consistency. Some people may not reach out at all and it's all totally out of their comfort zone.

So, that's my question- Do you LOVE the unlovable? What does that statement mean to you? How would you define "loving" them?