Faces of the Internet Campus #1

We are starting a series about Ordinary people who are extraordinary in our eyes. These people are key/core people of the Internet campus. I wish I could have all of our new friends as "guest bloggers" but that would take months! For now, we will go with a handful, knowing that there are many out there that are also "extraordinary". These people are our friends that we have met online via the Internet campus. Please read their stories and celebrate who they are with us.

First, I'd like to introduce Sara B. Words cannot express what a blessing this girl has been to us! She started attending the Internet campus back in the beginning and has been a faithful participant since. She is a close friend of mine. She is in my life group. She is a fellow blogger. She has been to OKC once to visit (and is returning next month to participate in a mission trip).

Introducing guest blogger Sara B....

It's very difficult for me to put into words what the Internet Campus means to me and my life. It's not only a worship experience, but it has brought amazing friends, a sense of community and missionary opportunities that have changed my life. And most of all, it has brought me into a life dedicated to Jesus.
I grew up in the church... my grandfather was a Baptist pastor. But instead of feeling like I was really a part of things, I felt more like it was just what was expected of me. Other than my grandfather's sermons, which I loved, the only thing I really enjoyed in church was a painting that hung over the pulpit of Jesus looking toward heaven. I'd spend most of the time at church staring at that painting.

After Grampie retired, I left the church. I'd been feeling far away from it for a while, but Grampie's retirement gave me a reason to not go anymore. I flitted from one religion to the next, hoping that I'd find something that would fill my Sunday, but it was never more than a Sunday idea. I was the stereotypical Easter and Christmas church goer. The type that doesn't give God much of a thought until the holidays, and then He is only given a thought because it's expected. For years I "researched" different churches... going with friends... but never connected with any of them.

Fast forward to two years ago... I was married, had children, worked full time but I still felt that something was missing. I didn't know what... I knew I wanted to belong to a community, and I loved the "idea" of church, but I had convinced myself that I would never find a church or church family that felt like home to me. I joined myspace and decided to reconnect with some people I had gone to high school with. One of the women, Stef, I had never been friends with in high school but I felt a huge push to read her entire myspace page and profile. She wrote about God and Jesus... Lifechurch.tv... how blessed her life was. I wanted that feeling SO badly so I messaged her about it. Since we had not been friends, I wasn't sure what to expect in reply... and was so excited when she not only wrote back and talked about her church and God, but told me that Lifechurch.tv was planning on doing something revolutionary- they were going to launch an Internet Campus and stream the services.

I watched that Sunday and accepted Jesus that very day. I knew it was Him that I had been missing all my life... that it was only Him that could fill that longing in my heart.

I've been an Internet Campus member since the beginning... I belong to the most amazing Lifegroup (yay OC!!!)... I have the most amazing sisters and brothers in Christ. I've been blessed to have visited OKC and attend a live experience. I've been blessed to have gone to New Orleans to help distribute lifepacks. I've been blessed to have been baptized by Brandon. I love everything that the IC has brought into my life... and I am so excited to see what God is going to bring into my life in the future through the IC.