Ramblings of an Internet Pastor's wife #2

I don't take criticism well. I try to mask the hurt, but later go home to cry by myself or vent to Brandon. I especially don't take criticism well when it concerns my husband or my kids. Even when people talk about things dear to my heart, I can easily get defensive.

When we first started the internet campus, criticism was overflowing. People said it wasn't REAL church. That it was a trend or a phase. That we were a cult. That there was no community online. That you have to have physical face to face meeting times or it wasn't true fellowship.

I admit, I did not fair well with any of it. In fact, I got out my mama bear growl and began to defend the Internet campus, my husband, and my church. I would comment on blogs (or in my mind at least!), I would talk about it with whomever wanted to. Even people from our church were critical. They didn't mean to be- they just didn't understand it.

I came to the conclusion that I don't need to defend it. God called us to it, we should let Him handle it. It is not our job to convince people that we are legit, that God is legit. It is so freeing to not worry about what people think! God is a big God. I love that he meets people right where they are!

People in this world will not understand- but God does. He sees the big picture. He doesn't need me defending him. He desires me to serve Him and love Him. Pretty sure I can do that:)

Stay tuned for this weeks blog entries- we are having some guest bloggers from the Internet Campus and I can't wait for you to "meet" them!