Faces of the Internet Campus #3

I was introduced to the Byers family only a few short months ago. I heard about a couple in England (who were formally attenders at Lifechurch.tv OKC) "promoting" the Internet campus in Wimbledon. Hmmm...this was a couple I instantly wanted to meet. They are missionaries in a foreign country where they felt God led them last year. They left a comfy life in Oklahoma to explore the unknown and literally take the gospel, and Lifechurch.tv resources, across the world.

Chris and Dana Byers are now leading a network experience every other week in London. They are also running the Internet Campuses' 3am central time experience. They lead the entire experience from beginning to end! We can't wait to see what God has in store for the Byers family. We get to meet them in person this week for the first time as they are visiting OKC and getting everything in order to return to their mission field in London.

Introducing Guest blogger Dana Byers:


My fascination with the Internet Campus began around 18 months ago, when my husband and I watched a service from a hotel room in Guatemala City. Considering the potential impact of reaching people all over the world with biblically sound teaching by means of the Internet has made my heart beat more quickly ever since!

I remember living life under a shroud of shame before I had a personal relationship with Jesus. The reality of being human (i.e. sinful) and incapable of being holy (without Christ) was a heavy burden to bear. Experiencing shame is a primary tool of our enemy, used as a means of keeping people from turning to Christ. God made every single person on earth for relationship with Him, yet millions are too embarrassed of their struggles with being human to put hope in forgiveness.

The Internet Campus is particularly appealing because it creates a pure 'come as you are' environment. When I'm chatting or praying with someone during a 9am GMT service, I have no idea what they look like, where they live, their gender, or anything else about them unless they wish to offer this information to me. What's surprising is I rarely need to ask for details as people arrive at the Internet Campus ready to share. It's understood they can be as anonymous as they wish and still learn about Christ and receive prayer. Attendees find comfort in representing who they truly are (a sinful human just like me) in a safe place. People seek prayer for issues like poverty, suicidal thoughts, homelessness, drug abuse, pornography addictions, failing businesses, broken marriages, and more.

I'm sure you understand: the unfamiliar environment and practices of a church, seemingly watchful eyes of others attending a local service, and previous negative encounters with Christianity (or Christians) are simply too daunting for some folks to face. Yet in the security of their own homes, God is drawing people to Himself through the incredible tool of LifeChurch.tv Internet Campus services. People around the globe are stretching out their hands to God and shedding their shame every week at the Internet Campus.

"Yet if you devote your heart to him
and stretch out your hands to him...

then you will lift up your face without shame;
you will stand firm and without fear.”

Job 11:13, 15