Just went to church at 3am......

So, our church just started a new experience time beginning at 3am Oklahoma time. We began chatting at 2:30 am. I was praying people would show up. Let me just tell you, it was amazing. We had about 59 that stuck around for the entire experience. There were lots of others popping in and out throughout the hour.

I chatted with people from Morocco, Ireland, India, England, South Africa, Egypt, Indonesia, Malaysia, Ghana, and Turkey.

I began to tear up as I met all these people around the world as we experienced church together. All in seperate places but joined with one purpose/cause. That's what Heaven will be like. No matter where we are from- we are all united under the same God and Lord. We are all in this together!

Just had to share with you. If you ever want to come and check it out, we meet at 9am GMT.

Our next experience begins in about 5 hours so I better get some sleep.