Faces of the Internet Campus #6

Meet Steven A. Steven has also been with the Internet campus since the "beginning". He has been a crucial part of helping get LC curriculum out to people and helping them connect with their neighbors. He has a successful physical group that meets to experience the Internet campus together, as well as a successful Life group that meets online weekly. Brandon was privileged to get to meet his family last year on a short trip out to Florida. They are the real deal. His daughter is also a very friendly "greeter" in the lobby chat on the weekends.

Introducing Steven A:

I am basking in the warm temperatures of sunny Orlando Florida while having a great time with the Lifechurch.tv Internet campus as an Online Life Group host and Coach. Several years ago the Spirit of God prompted me with was these words, "The church is not where we go, but who we are". That started me on a journey to help activate "the church" where we live, leading from the bottom up to create a spiritual footprint in every neighborhood where everyone can touch and take ownership right from our own front doors.

www.simplechurch.tv goes into more detail, but here's essentially how it works. Meet your neighbors, listen to them, serve them, love them. No hidden agenda's. Our neighbors are not trophy's to be won. Instead, our neighbors are God's gift to us to help us become truly devoted followers of Christ. The local church, the internet campus and Life church video library is our gift back to them for helping us become genuine and loving individuals.

It's a true win - win
situation. Transformation begins to take root in us and spreads throughout the neighborhood. It soon spreads to other neighborhoods. Communities begin to change. Crime drops, Businesses, schools and churches begin to thrive, , and a city will be transformed. Simply because you and other believers have chosen to open your doors and hearts in the neighborhood you live in. This is what is happening here in Orlando in our neighborhood and it can happen in yours.

The Internet campus and the free video resources have proven to be incredible tools which connect and support the efforts of believers in the local neighborhood like mine, while connecting to a global community of neighborhoods and churches around the world. The best part for me is it's also been a great place to make lasting friendships. It's absolutely amazing the impact this campus is having. I'm forever grateful.

Serve locally, connect globally. I'll see you there.
Steven Acosta