Faces of the Internet Campus #7

This is the last post on "Faces of the Internet Campus". Thank you for encouraging our friends and for reading up on who they are in Christ.

We first met Johnny and Allison Roberts at a marriage retreat. It ended up being all "network church" couples. We instantly clicked with them. Since that time, only about 7 months ago, we have been to visit them a few times and have been able to attend their church, TheBod.tv We also have had the privilege of meeting their entire family and let me tell you- we love them:) What a fun bunch! Their enthusiasm is contagious. They are ordinary people doing extraordinary things right where they grew up! We posted about them a while back and how blessed we are to have them as friends. It's great to see there are some really interesting and genuine people just right on the other side of our state we are linked with in ministry. God is so cool!

Introducing Johnny Roberts....

Where to begin? The idea for TheBOD.tv began 7 or 8 years ago as I began to envision a church that was… well REAL. The ironic thing about it was I had a picture of a church that used video as their primary source of teaching. I’m not sure exactly sure when LifeChurch.tv popped up on my radar but… as soon as it did I recognized that my idea wasn’t so crazy after all. I was ready to start but God seemed to have different plans. It just wasn’t happening. At least until December of 2007… I had finally given up. I had come to the conclusion that it would be someone else. Someone younger, someone smarter, someone with a seminary degree…. It just wasn’t going to be me. Strangely enough within six weeks of coming to that conclusion I distinctly remember God saying (not audibly but it might have well as been), “OK, you’re ready”. I was like… “No way God that deal is over… it’s going to be someone else… remember?”

Long story short…. Within a couple of weeks my wife, Allison, and I had accepted the call to plant a church in Roland, OK. It would be called…. TheBOD.tv… you know, as in the body of Christ. We believe that each of us is called to ministry… to serve as a part of the body and our entire structure is built around that concept.

LC has been awesome to work with. We have been so blessed to meet so many incredible new friends, including Christi and Brandon. You guys should know…. THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL! They are so passionate about serving Christ and loving people. Within a few hours of first meeting them they already felt like old friends. I suspect they make most people feel the same way but we feel a special connection and cherish their friendship.

The past year has been an incredible ride. We launched the church in September and things have been non-stop since. We are seeing so many lives changed. People coming to Christ as Savior and Lord, people growing in faith… it’s simply been an amazing year and LifeChurch.tv , through the teaching resources, has had huge impact in what’s happening at TheBOD.

Christi asked if I had anything to share that God has been showing me lately…. There isn’t enough time to share everything but if I had to summarize what God has been telling me this year, it would be…. “TRUST ME. Stop trusting Johnny and his ability. Don’t put your faith in LifeChurch, or men, or stuff, or ideas, or plans, or programs….TRUST ME… FOLLOW ME.” I guess I will.