Friday fun

Little recap for you:

This past week we had a wedding shower for my sister. It was awesome! Great turnout, lots of fun. Can't believe she's getting married in 2 weeks! We had the boys fitted for tux's yesterday- can't wait to see my little studs in those duds...hee hee.

We met with our DHS worker for basically an intake meeting. We start our training tomorrow. 5 weeks of meetings from 10-5 on Saturdays. We are actually excited about these!

I finally went to the doctor to get some things checked out. I've been having multiple symptoms/pains for almost a year. Had 5 tubes of blood drawn yesterday and peed in a cup (oh joy!). Hopefully, we will find something out. Please be in prayer for me about this:)

Last night, we went to a fundraiser for our dear friend, Becca. She is moving to Mexico for a year to work with orphans and the Back 2 Back ministry. She has been our sitter for 7 years. It's amazing to see God putting people into our lives who will forever leave an impact...Becca is that for us. I'm just trying to remember that we will forever be in touch even though she will not live here (but it's still hard letting go!!)

Have a friends baby shower coming up soon as well! Little busy bee, I am:)

Stay tuned for next week- we are doing something we've never done on this blog!! Have to wait until Monday to see!!!