Random #2

We have had a ton going on. Here's our Friday update (which seems to be a regular thing around here now).

My sister is getting married tonight. The boys are the ring-bearers, Brandon is performing the ceremony and I am the matron of Honor. We are very excited! I will have to post some pics on here for you to see :)

I went to get a spray on tan today for the first time. Spent $20, took about 2 minutes, and I def. look tanner tonight. I think I likey.

We watched "Dan in real life" the other night (LOVED it!) and we also watched "Cloverfield" (LIKED it) Have you seen those? What did you think?. Seen any good movies lately??

We have our 3rd week of adoption training this Saturday. We are learning a lot about ourselves through this process (which is a god thing). Just a few more weeks and we can check the training part off of the list! yah! Are you working on completing something on your list?

Only one more month of school- summertime is calling our name! The boys are doing swim lessons. We are also planning park days, library days and "craft corner" days....can't wait!! What are your plans for the summer?

TGIF! What are your weekend plans? What have you been up to that you'd like to share about?