Anonymity on the web

Current TV is going to be doing a piece on anonymity on the web. They asked some of us at to upload some positive stories about anonymity that they could use, so I uploaded a video story here.

There is definitely a lot of evil that has come from those who are able to hide their true identity on the internet, and it can be troubling. But here on the Internet Campus we have experienced how anonymity can be a positive thing. Many people come with a lot of deep hurt, and they feel more comfortable in sharing those things and asking for prayer here in an Internet setting than in a face-to-face setting. I think their is a safety in being in their home and being relatively anonymous. They feel more relaxed and able to share. People who show up in our lobby or our live prayer tool are not judged by looks, by age, by weight, by race, by clothes, by smell, or by religious views. Those kind of initial meeting distractions, which are unfortunately normal, are not a part of the Internet Campus experience. Now if we could only transfer that kind of strength to our physical communities.