Who am I?

Do ever feel lost at times? Forget who you are? or realize you never knew? I have to admit my DNA has me always finding myself in these questions. I am so intense about doing whatever it is God wants that I can end being game for everything. This is one reason our Donaldson vision is "Be True." Be true to yourself and be true to your faith. Basically, we want everyone in our family to be EXACTLY who God made them to be, and we want them to be HONEST about where they are in their faith journey. We don't want to try to be someone else or act as though we are somewhere else in our faith. It can waste a lot of valuable time. It can be very dangerous.

I heard Perry Noble in an interview talk about this issue. Many times we mix up inspiration with revelation. Here is a scenario. You get inspired by an incredible man or woman of God, and you take the inspiration (good thing) to be revelation from God for you. You try to become that person while trying to manufacture their experiences in your life. Results...frustration! Inspiration is important, but wait for God's revelation to you before you act or do anything. Many times the people that are most inspiring are the ones who have figured out this question.

Who has God made you to be? What has He called you to do? You are perfectly made for specific God things. It is worth the time, the joys, the agony, and the pain to find out. I trudge on!