Ministry- it is challenging, humbling, a huge responsibility, rewarding....it can also be very tiring and demanding.

Lon talked about burnout on his blog. Here are 4 things he quoted, from a book he just read, that might help you stay away from burnout.

1. I am not invincible. I can get sick, sin, and weary. 2. I am not immortal. I am going to die. 3. I am not indispensable. The kingdom keeps going without me. 4. I am not an island. I need friends around me.

Out of those 4, I personally struggle with #3 and #4. Brandon struggles with #1 and #4.

Also, here is a great article from Relevant magazine talking about "burn out" in a different way.

Are you feeling "burned out"? Do you struggle with a certain area? How do you overcome burnout? What are your warning signs of burnout?