NO, not the candy. The "urban dictionary" says a goober is a stupid person, airhead, slow, a kindhearted, rather oblivious goofball, a term of endearment. Not sure how calling someone an airhead is a term of endearment, but anyways....

Last night we had a "tif" between the boys. Well, actually it was a full blow kick from one boy to the other in the stomach in front of a neighbor we were meeting for the first time. Can you say embarrassing?

We brought them both inside to talk it over and figure out consequences. Merrick decided it would be a good idea (and we agreed) to make up a sheet of his own ground rules that he should read in the mornings. They included things like obey, use positive words, etc. He did a great job. Ethan wanted to join in. He made his own little rule that was supposed to say "I want to be good!". Instead it said:
"I want to be goob"
Simple mistake of making a b instead of a d. We all turned into 5 yr. olds ourselves and started calling each other "goobs" all night. We even said "Goob night" instead of good night. Every time there was a chance to say good, we said goob. Doesn't take much to make us laugh around here I guess. See- it is a term of endearment!

It made a serious situation turn into a lighthearted one. I love my goober family :)