Falling behind and catching up

Hey friends....sorry we have not been posting much lately. Let me catch you up on what's been happening around here. We will be away from the computer for the next few days as well on a mission trip but will be back refreshed and ready on Monday!

  • Today in about 2 hours, I am driving to the airport to pick up 3 of my online life group ladies and they are staying with me tonight and tomorrow.

  • Tomorrow, I am dropping off the boys with my parents and B and I (and my life group ladies) are going on a micro-mission with our church. We are working on a boys home for kids with incarcerated parents. We will be doing some cleaning up, minor repairs, and just getting the place ready for summer. (I'm sure we will post all about that next week!) There are several other Internet Campus attenders coming to the mission as well.

  • Then Sunday, we return for Lifestock which is an annual event at Lifechurch.tv. It is held at a local amusement park. We all wear Lifestock shirts and it's so fun to feel like Lifechurch.tv has invaded the place! In the evening, there is a concert and HUGE baptism. I remember just sitting and crying a couple of years ago while watching the baptisms. I am still in awe that we get to be a part of such a move of God!

  • Monday, my online friends fly home and we get back to schedule :(

  • Also- yesterday we had our 2nd home study meeting. Things are progressing more quickly than we had originally thought. There is a possibility that we will get to go to the July "DHS adoption party" where the kids awaiting adoption and the prospective adoptive parents get to meet and hang out in a casual setting. We are anxiously awaiting this adoption. Got a *little* nervous yesterday when I realized we have NO baby stuff and we might be getting a little one. I know God will provide for us! Be looking for us to have a shower this fall...hee hee. We are thinking this will occur before the end of the year! Our family could be growing in just a few short months! Please join us in prayer about this exciting and life-changing transition :) We will keep you posted for sure as you are on this journey with us!

THANK YOU so much for reading! It means so much that people out there care about us and that we have unique relationships with all of you:)