Wow...that's all I can say about this past weekend! I will probably be posting a ton about our past 5 days. 5 days? That's all? It seems like we made so many memories and did SO many things in only 5 days.

I wanted to tell you all about yesterday. We went to Lifestock which is an annual celebration held at a local amusement park. We had about 3000 attenders from the local OKC campuses.

It was HOT, but it was a ton of fun. We had roller coasters, yummy food, a concert, and then baptisms. Baptisms are where I get all choked up. There were over 300 people that got baptized. That means that about 10% of the people there were taking their first step as a Christian and being baptized.

The picture above is of 2 of my online life group women getting baptized. What a privilege to get to be able to witness this! :) Rachel is from Maine and Kywanna is from Illinois.

It was one of those days that just confirms why the Internet campus exists. It was such a reward to meet these women in person. They are on the plane right now as I type. Write some encouragement to them below!

I will share more about the mission trip we went on a little later. It was such a positive experience. We can't wait to go back next year! We were so proud wearing our "Internet Campus" shirts around:)