Friday follow-up #2

Whew- still lots going on here at the Donaldson house.....
  • Had a date night last night and saw "Iron Man". ( It was Brandon's choice). We actually both really liked it! Robert Downey Jr. did an excellent job.
  • We finish up our adoption classes tomorrow. Now we have to get ready for the home study. (which could happen as late as July). This week they are supposed to bring in a teen panel from the OK DHS program. We're looking forward to it.
  • This weekend we have graduations, Mother's Day, and birthdays. Lot's of holidays :)
  • Booked our flights and house in Seattle. Can't wait for this trip!!
  • Looking forward to the Survivor Finale- Go Amanda!!
  • Survived some scary tornado warnings last night. I don't remember having this many in a Spring season before. Hmmm....
What have you been up to? Weekend plans? How are you?