Relationships (pt. 4)

The spiritual relationship

Ok- that title sounds weird but I'm not sure how to label a relationship with God. Brandon and I both have personal relationships with Christ and we experience that in a different way. I will let him share about his :)

For me- my "salvation" started with rules and regulations. I was the do-gooder type. Then I transitioned to more of a grace relationship where I realized I don't have to be perfect. I try to keep a balance in between those. I think I am called to obey and do what's right, but God still loves me either way. Sometimes, in certain seasons, I tend to lean more towards one side or the other.This is a relationship that I am challenged to put more time into. Honestly, I know that I should spend more time with God to cultivate this relationship. That sounds so generic or rigid but that's the truth. I can write about marriage and friendships all day but honestly this is one relationship that I am still growing in.

Are you a Christian? What does your relationship with Christ look like? Are you more of a rule follower or are you more comfortable with your actions? When have you felt closest to God? When have you felt most distant? Do you see God as a best friend? or more of a Father?