Friday follow-up #4

Quick update on our household.....
  • Brandon is speaking this weekend on the IC- be sure to tune in. I am on part of the video- very self conscious about it, but B promised it turned out great :)
  • The boys get out of school on Tuesday- can't wait!
  • No plans for Memorial except family time- looking forward to it. Got any special plans for the holiday?
  • Our long time babysitter and friend leaves for Mexico on Monday- WE LOVE YOU, BECCA!
  • We had the first part of our home study done today- 2 more meetings and TONS of paperwork and it will be complete:)
  • Thank you to all the "well-wishers" for our Anniversary- we had a fun night! Went to Ted's (mexican food) with the kids and then went to the library. Tonight we went out to Tao Cafe (yummy!) and then went to see Indiana Jones on our last 2 free movie passes. It's been a week of celebrating this year.
Have a GREAT weekend and be safe!!