Friday follow-up

Hello Friends! Can you believe we are in the month of May? Our boys have their official last day of school on the 27th (couldn't they have just had us stop on Friday instead of one day after Memorial day??). We can't wait for SUMMER!

We just got the boys signed up for swim lessons. They have been looking forward to this for several months. Ethan actually was "waitlisted" so is it wrong to pray that some kid drops out? He's #2 on the list and needs the lessons more than Merrick who is taking the intermediate class!

Week 4 of adoption training. We are almost finished! We have enjoyed the classes immensely but do miss Saturdays with the family :) It's going to be quite a process (but not as extensive as International).

Someone gave us a TV yesterday! We were so giddy last night watching LOST! It's a much better quality TV than our previous one. It's amazing how much a difference 5 inches of screen makes :) We were thanking God for providing for us on even the stuff we want and not just the stuff we need. It is hard accepting things that people give to you though, isn't it?

We are starting to get college graduation announcements in the mail.....wish our "youth kids" didn't ever have to grow up!

God's been shaking us up a bit lately- yes we have big hearts and want to do so much for the glory of God, but are finding that even though we want to do things (but don't do them), it's not the same. The intention is great, but the action would be even better.Just realizing that we can't do it all and aren't supposed to.. Do you struggle with this at all? Wanting to do too much and then ending up not doing anything really? Most posts coming up on that! Still kind of processing through it...

Lots going on but we like it like that! So- what's been going on with you and your family lately? Any weekend plans? Any thoughts on the stuff I mentioned above?