Relationships (pt. 3)

The marriage relationship

Brandon and I have been married for 13 years this month! I would say we have had quite an adventure so far. We are best friends where we share everything with one another and also have a ton of fun. We also have the *uh hum* romantic stuff:) I would have to say that B is more than I ever pictured him to be. In fact, he blew those expectations out of the water!

Brandon and I always say/hear that Marriage is the most challenging relationship, but it's also the most rewarding!!

Are you married? Are you and your spouse best friends? In a growing season? If you are not married, what do you picture your future spouse/marriage to be like? If you are married, did you picture the life you have now- or a different life? Are you in a "challenging" stage or a "rewarding" stage? What's the best marriage "advice" you have been given?