Gotta brag on our friends for a bit (pt 2 of 4)

Second entry for our "talented friends" goes to Kevin Ely. Kevin is the video producer for the Internet campus. He switches the live tapings every week for the IC. He also produces videos of Brandon when he speaks. He has been working for for a LONG time! Pretty sure he will be famous soon. He can make anything look good! He has made countless videos for the church which were brilliant as well.

Kevin just finished a film called "Rainbow around the sun". He helped direct and write the film. The premiere in OKC over the weekend was a big success. Unfortunately, we didn't get to view it :( They also premiered the movie at the South by Southwest conference in March 2008. Kevin is humble, obviously creative, and just a likable guy. Here is the trailer for the movie. Hope you get to view it soon! It looks amazing! I want the soundtrack :)

Rainbow Around the Sun - trailer from kevin ely on Vimeo.