Gotta brag on our friends for a bit (pt 1 of 4)

We have some talented friends and wanted to highlight them this week. Enjoy :)

BTW- this is our 200th post! Does that mean anything? I know on TV shows they celebrate each 100 or so. Should we throw a party? Nah- we will just say THANKS to YOU for reading! You make it so much easier to write since we know someone will be reading.

Ok- so, here's entry #1 for our talented friends (although they are in no particular order!)...

Meet Marcy Priest! Marcy has been singing at our church ever since I can remember us having the Edmond campus! She is humble (obviously talented), and just gorgeous on the inside and out. She recently released her album and it's fantastic! You can buy it HERE. Take a listen to her music HERE. Marcy has a heart of gold and a smile and laugh that brightens anyone's day.

She has been selected as a nominee for the 2008 Independent Singer-Songwriters Association Award in the Pop category! Congratulations Marcy! Can't believe she is already being nominated and she just released the album like a month or so ago!!!

Go add Marcy as your friend on Facebook if you'd like. Pretty sure we will be fans for Life!! :)