Gotta brag on our friends for a bit (pt 4 of 4)

Want some more good music? Well, check out LUMA! These guys also grew up in the youth group we led. They have grown up so much! They are ALL amazingly talented in the music area. They are also quality men. Brandon and I mentored Stephen (guitar player) and his wife, and Brandon performed their marriage ceremony! Stephen played on the worship team with Brandon for years. Marcus (bass) and Adam (drums) were also active in the youth group and played music with Brandon sometimes. Hunter (vocals) was one of the first "kids" we had over at our house from the youth group. I still remember when he was shy about getting up on stage and singing. I always knew he had the talent!!We love these guys and know they are going to make it big! Great quality music right here, folks! OH- also, their song "Wake up" was featured on an episode of MTV's "The Hills" this past season.

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Here's a clip from a live show they performed some time last year. We were actually at this one singing along:)