Friday follow-up #5

Here's our week in a nutshell...

  • The boys are finishing up swim lessons today. They LOVED taking them at Pelican Bay. I highly recommend it if your kids can't swim (or even if they can, but need a little refining)
  • I am starting to pack today for our trip next week. I'm already getting little butterflies in my tummy from knowing I will miss the boys. I know it will be a blast but I sure will miss my little buddies!
  • We got a little 2 1/2 ft deep pool (about 12 feet wide). The boys are in heaven! They played "Marco Polo" the other night in that thing. It was so cute. They didn't care that they were bumping into each other :)
  • This weekend, our church (along with about 1500 other churches), is taking up a special "offering" during ONE PRAYER, to start about 500 churches in several countries. Very exciting. If you want to read more about it, check this out.
  • The boys are participating in the library reading program where they get prizes each time they read 8 books. Wish they had that stuff for adults! I've been reading a LOT lately:)
What have you been up to this summer? What are your weekend plans? Is your church participating in ONE PRAYER? Do you like to read? Do you know how to swim? :)