The Heavenly Man

I have not posted on here in quite a while, but I have just read the most amazing book, The Heavenly Man: the remarkable true story of Chinese Christian Brother Yun. Do you have a passion for the things of God, but feel like there is just something missing? Does it feel that something in your relationship with God is not quite right...not quite on? I live there. I wonder if I can truly understand the depth of God in the culture I live in. Well, read this book.

The Heavenly Man will not only introduce you to an incredible man of God, Brother Yun, but it will shed light on the revival sweeping through China despite persecution. You will be amazed, inspired, and challenged. I am tired of taking the Word of God for granted. I am tired of my lack of expectations and belief...not expecting an extraordinary God to move in extraordinary ways.

If you love being challenged, this book is a must read! What books have challenged you lately? Or inspired you? How often do you read?