I don't want my kids to grow up....

I'm loving the stage we are in right now with the boys. I realize this will change once we adopt but am enjoying it while it lasts. The boys are independent (which I love), they are great at going places (I love even more) but they are also getting so stinkin' grown up (which I wish I could stop just for a bit!)

Even though I have loved every stage, I think I am having time to stop and smell the roses during this one. Sometimes I complain about our life being too comfy cozy right now, but I don't take for granted the fact that we have great family times right now and actually get to enjoy one another's company. We are staying put for a while at least:)

So- let me give you a couple of examples of my 2 grown ups...

Ethan (age 5) loves to cuddle and snuggle. He also can't go to bed with out a big hug and kiss and I love that part! So, the other night, I place a big smouch on his lips and he asks "Mommy, are you wearing lipstick?" I say no. "Hmmm, well what was that wet thing that you just got on my lips?" . I told him "It was just a big juicy kiss " and laugh. He says "no more juicy ones please". Oh- I was crushed. I mean it wasn't a french kiss or anything. I guess he just wants more of a peck on the cheek (note to self: only give Ethan a big slobbery kiss when he is already asleep!)

Merrick (age 8) is my explorer, big time reader, very cut throat honest guy, our future CEO. So, we are talking about how tan the boys are getting. He says "I like tan skin". I say "oh you mean you like the way your skin looks?" he replies "No, I mean I like it when girls are tan". HUH? What?? (Note to self: Go purchase a muzzle and some duct tape, I need to tape a boy down until he's at least 10 yrs older!!)...(and Kim H, I actually did have to check my spelling because I spelled it duck tape just like you said we do!! ha ha. )

So, lovin' the stage, and hatin' the shortness of it :) Thank you Lord for my family!!