Jacob's Ladder

As I stated earlier, we just got back from a micro-mission. Brandon and I had been prayerfully seeking a mission trip for both of us this summer. Although, we wanted to take our family back to Monterrey, MX, we felt like God had something else in store. We thought about Sierre Leon, Haiti and then NY. We ended up in Chandler, OK (only about 45 minutes from where we live!). Kind of ironic, huh?
We learned that sometimes we want the "big thing" and our example of a big thing is totally different than the Lord's. We didn't need to fly away to make a difference. We had a GREAT experience at Jacob's Ladder and want to go back!

Our group of about 20 completed 10 bunk beds, worked on roofing, framing, and windows. We did landscaping and mowing and tree clipping. Most importantly, we bonded together as one from all over the US, for one common goal. We worked as a team. We also bonded with God. To see Him move in so many different people's lives is completely cool. To be able to serve alongside my online life group women was humbling.
Has God shaken you up lately? Has He met a need in a way you didn't expect?