Sights of Seattle (pt 1)

OK- by now I'm sure you are tired of hearing about our vacation in Seattle. Well, we were pleasantly surprised by how much we like it here! I wanted to do a photo blog this week to share the beautiful sights of Seattle. Enjoy! Thanks for being with us along the way :)

View from our rental house (just wish the power lines were gone but I guess we need power:)

We went to the store and bought some yummy food. This is what we came up with for our first night at the house. Steak, potatoes, garlic bread, salad and Chocolate strawberries for dessert.

One of the many gorgeous views we had on our drive around the area. Can you see Mt. Rainier in the background? We have many more of that mountain coming later.

A tree on the beach we thought looked hilarious.

At the beach- notice how big we are smiling! (Lord, can you add a beach to Oklahoma pretty please? Then all would be well. Thank you so much)