Friday Update (from Seattle)

Hey friends! We wanted to update you real quick. We arrived in Seattle and we are loving this city! Here are a few of the things we have been doing:

  • Went to the beach and enjoyed the beautiful landscape
  • Visited the Space needle (twice) and took lots of pics!
  • Went to the Science Fiction Museum (not as boring as it sounds :) they had tons of movie memorabilia and also a ROBOT exhibit with about 200 robots
  • Visited the "Experience Music Project" which was also a lot of fun. I practiced my "scratching" skills on an old album and Brandon got to drum and learn some Nirvana songs on the guitar.
Today we are heading out to Pikes Place Market. Tomorrow, we will be out whale watching, and then Sunday we are going about 3 hours north of here to take a boat tour and see a beautiful lake and the mountains will be our backdrop.

Hope you have a great weekend! We still haven't had time to upload the pics because we are wanting to fit in everything possible (but will probably add some this weekend).