Traveling tips?

We are headed on a trip to Seattle in a couple of weeks. We had planned on using our tax "stimulus" check. At this point, we have used that and plus some:( I was calculating the expenses last night (as far as attractions, parking, meals, etc.) for the trip. We are trying to be as frugal as possible but also letting ourselves be comfortable and not stressing the entire trip about money. We rented a house where we can cook some of our own meals and hang out at in the evenings. We also rented an economy car and are planning outings according to when places have specials or discounts. We are seriously going to eat Ramen noodles and PBJ the week before we go...hee hee. I've even thought about buying little jugs so we can refill with water rather than buy bottled water while we are there (but I don't want to go overboard:)

I was just curious if anyone else has any tips on saving money while on vacation? Again, like I said, we want to enjoy the trip and "splurge" a little but also be very aware of how much we are spending. What kinds of things do you pack that help you be prepared and not have to run out and buy something extra? Do you pre-order tickets to events you are attending? Any ideas on how to raise some money here before we go? What do you do in order to have enough to be able to splurge on special occasions? (We have had some other expenses come up so are sort of limited in our budget right now).

We can't wait to see Seattle! We will post pics on here when we return:)