Friday follow-up #4

We have been a little sporadic on the blog lately. Posts might not be as consistent due to summer but hopefully we will get our groove going:)

  • One Prayer starts this weekend. There are about 1350 churches taking part and about 800,000 people. It's inspiring to be a part of this history making series!

  • The boys start swim lessons Monday- looking forward to it. Our local swimming pool had a great deal ($30 for 2 weeks of lessons for 1 hour a day).

  • Speaking of the boys- they were jumping on the trampoline with the sprinkler underneath it today (always a favorite around here). I caught them spitting and then trying to make their spit fly up in the air as they jumped. Then, they crawled underneath the trampoline (after the spit had dissolved of course) and pretended like they were in a rain-forest. Boys will be boys. I love it when they don't know I am listening:)

  • I'm not getting into facebook at all. I seriously don't know what the fascination with it is. I keep getting requests from people and just keep ignoring them. If I don't log in for a day or two, I have like 60 requests for things (such as movie quizzes and flower patches). Am I missing something? I will probably stay on it to keep connected with people but am not digging it like I thought I would.

  • Nothing else happening around here. We are still just catching up from the trip and having house guests.
What's going on at your place? What random comments can you share with us today? How are you? Weekend plans? As ALWAYS- thank you for continuing to read! We appreciate you so much!!