The Wedge

You thought I said Wedgie, didn't you? NO- I said Wedge! It's a pizza place we tried out today. We had several friends recommend it and so we went today.

First off, let me tell you that we went out to celebrate today for lunch. Today we turned in our paperwork for the adoption. As of this point, all we needed to do is complete so it's now in the hands of the State and we get to start the "matching" process. It's going to be an exciting season around here.

So, we went to "The Wedge". It was a unique atmosphere (which we loved). They gave the boys dough and let them make their own pizzas! Ethan made a dinosaur pizza and Merrick made a vampire one (although we are not sure where he heard about "vampires!").

Brandon and I tried one of their pizzas called the "Italian Stallion". They also had options to build your own pizza. The pizzas are literally right out of the oven because you can watch them make them right in front of your eyes. They don't deliver because they want you to get your pizza fresh and hot! We loved it and hope to go back soon! We recommend you stop by if you get the chance. It's located in OKC on Western Ave (just south of I-44).

Our waitress even let us sample their gelato (which was awesome!) We had the pistachio, chocolate and mocha. Save room for dessert when you go.

The service was great too! I'm telling you we just had a GREAT experience there:)