At the Movies

Just wanted to mention a series we just started at church. The reason this one is different than the rest of the year is because you can only see it LIVE online or at a physical campus. They can't archive these by putting them in podcast or webcast form due to copyrights in the movie clips.

So, your LAST chance to see this weeks message about "Pursuit of Happyness" is tomorrow night at 8PM (central time). There is also a live chat area that opens up from 7:30 PM-9:30 PM (central time). The series "At the movies" will run through July 2008. The message this week is very powerful and will move you (I promise!)

If you haven't checked out the Internet campus....this would be a great chance to start!! Go HERE and click on the countdown. Being married to the Internet campus pastor has it's perks, I know what the movies are! They are.......*&%^$@%#^*&^%#$%@....if you can't read those it's because they are top secret!Come to church to find out and let God speak to you through the movies!!!!

What are some movies you have seen that spoke to you? They don't have to be from this series, just all movies in general. Any movies that moved you? inspired you?