Happy 4th of July!!

We are heading out to spend time with extended family today. Will be back to posting on Monday. For now, here are a few short updates.....

  • OKC now has an NBA team!! I'm sure you've heard about it on the news. We are very excited even though it's been a negative process so far. We don't have any professional teams so please accept our enthusiasm :) The name and colors will be announced soon. Any ideas for the name of the team??

  • Fuel prices in Seattle were anywhere from $4.40-$4.70 a gallon, back here in Oklahoma it's about $3.87 a gallon. That is a HUGE difference!! I think Oklahoma is the lowest in the nation. Not sure why we are , but I'm thankful. What is the average price where you live?

  • Isn't it strange how you come home from "vacation" all worn out? We vowed we were not going to do that this time, but we did. I think there is just so much to see and do in a new place that no one wants to sleep. We are feeling a little more back to normal (although Brandon came home with a cold).

  • Wimbledon women's final is Serena vs. Venus! Which Williams' sister will prevail?
Happy 4th of July! We celebrate our freedom as a nation! What are your plans for the 4th? Do you get to be with family? What are your family traditions for this holiday?