Ethan will be 6 in 2 days!

Our little baby is turning 6 on Saturday! What a joy he is to us on a daily basis. He is hilarious. He makes the BEST facial expressions you have ever seen. He is also a little cuddle bug.
Ethan loves Curious George (from PBS). He also loves whatever his big brother Merrick is into. So, when Merrick changes, so does Ethan. He is our little social butterfly. He's got several friends at school.

Ethan can make you see the positive side of any situation. One example would be at McDonald's. They have been pumped to get the Transformers from the happy meals. The last time they opened them up Merrick got a new one and was so excited. Ethan opened his only to find the same yellow bumblebee transformer he has at home. While I know he was disappointed and got a sad look, the next thing that came out of his mouth was "oh well, now they can be twins or better yet- they can be brothers!" I love that he admires his big brother so much:)

Ethan means "strong, and firm". We are praying that over him. We want him to be a man strong and firm in his faith!

(The pics were taken tonight as the boys were making a HUGE treasure hunt map. It was very detailed. Do we have some engineers in our future?)