Friday follow-up #6

Hmmm, it's been a busy week so it all sort of runs together! Here is an attempt at catching you all up:)

  • Brandon officiated a funeral on Monday for a little baby. So sad. God has blessed the family with peace. Please continue to pray for Chris and Lisa. Read about their story HERE.
  • Had a camp parent meeting this week and Merrick leaves for camp on Sunday. I am a nervous wreck- can someone say "overprotective"? The great thing about the meeting was hearing everyone else's questions and knowing I am not the only one who's nervous.
  • Planned Ethan's party at Pump it up- he is PUMPED! ha ha
  • Brandon got to see the Foo Fighters live (he'll have to tell you more about that later)
  • Our good friends John and Bre are moving today...sad day. We will miss them being down the street, we will miss them at church, we will miss them at work....pretty sure we are going to miss them.The picture above was taken at their farewell dinner. I had more to add but can't figure out our new camera software. I think I need a tutorial :)
How was your week? The one thing I know is that for me it's all about friendships on this earth- people are the ones who make the difference. What special people in your life help you through?