Brandon as an actor......what a scoundrel!

Check out Brandon starring as "Wild Bill Hiccup" in the Toon Town series "Scoundrels" HERE! I think his part is actually highlighted in this weekend's Toon Town session so you might wait until week 2 to see him :)

I'm pretty excited because Lifekids has just started writing their own curriculum and now YOU can view it online. Toon Town is our Kindergarten-4th Grade "class. They have updated it with memory verses, music, etc.

Check out some of the other series' at!!

Way to go LIFEKIDS! I'm so thankful that our boys get to be a part of a ministry like this!

Did you all grow up in church? What was your "children's church" experience like? Do you have good memories of your childhood in church or bad ones? What are the most important things our kids can learn from church?