Friday follow-up #7

It's been a crazy week with a lot going on but I will share just a few of the fun things with you:)

  • We rented 'The Astronaut Farmer' tonight since Randy's lets you rent 1 free catalog (non-new release) each Thursday. We really liked it. Just the idea behind following your dreams and supporting those around you who are following their dreams was inspiring! I think we were just in the mood for a movie like this.

  • We are highly anticipating the Olympics. We are one of those families that is glued to the TV each night cheering on our fellow Americans. Sometimes I even cry when they win the gold! It's just amazing to think about what these athletes put into it. The time, effort, money, energy...something to be applauded whether someone medals or not.

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again. It means so much to have family and friends support around us. Just to know that people are there for whatever reason. You are not alone! Lean on someone around you and you will not regret it. Relationships are the key :)

  • I'm thinking about taking a "sabbatical" of sorts. Just to take some time and really pray about our adoption(s), get ready for them, figure out what my next step is as far as job or no job, etc. I'm joining a new women's bible study that I am really looking forward to as well. It's turning out to be an entirely new season for me and I like it.
So- what's going on with you? Are you looking forward to the Olympics? Done any fun stuff with your friends or family lately? What's your favorite day of the week?