It's been a LONG week!

I wanted to write and get you all up to speed on our lives this week. I am finally getting up and around (although I am still pretty sore). I have not been feeling well the past few weeks and had many different symptoms. The doctors originally thought it was a miscarriage, but turns out I had another ectopic pregnancy. I had my right tube rupture back in 2003 from an ectopic but this one felt different and it was hard to determine for some reason.

They had me come in Monday for a D and C and an exploratory laparoscopy. My left tube ruptured during the surgery while they were trying to clear the tube and unfortunately they had to remove it. They also cut out a lot of scar tissue that had built up from 2 previous c-sections and my previous ectopic.

I should be starting to feel good again soon. Right now we are just dealing with the physical symptoms and I haven't dealt with the emotional affects yet. My doctor talked to us about in-vitro being an option but we have honestly never thought about going that route. We are still moving on with the adoption(s). I'm still a bit shocked that I had another ectopic even though they warn you that you are at higher risk once you experience one.

I have been a bit out of it with the drugs they have me on, but I'm starting to try and wean off of those. They knock me out completely and I don't like being a zombie.

We have had dinners coming all week and that has been so nice. What a blessing our friends and family have been to us! Poor Brandon has been running around like a mad man getting the kids off to school and to Konnect. We are looking forward to today when he is off.

This scripture has been quoted to me several times and I am holding on to it with thankfulness:
As the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts. - Isaiah 55:9

His ways are higher- I have to believe that! THANK YOU for praying (even though some of you weren't sure what to pray for). We feel the Lord's love and peace all around us. I am still having a hard time accepting this path because it's different than what we had hoped for, but I will hold on to the promises of the Lord.