Things are good

Well, I'm getting around better now (after my seemingly never-ending time in bed). Got to help my kindergartner with his homework (can you believe they already have homework?) tonight and he loved every minute of it. I think it made him feel older.

We also finished up some letters to Africa that my friend Shanna is setting up to be delivered next month. How quickly we forget what we should be thankful for on a daily basis! Hope they love them:)

We are having a meeting with Merrick's teacher today because he is doing really well in school. Pretty sure he got Brandon's genes because I do not score well in the school area :) He's 8 going on 16 I tell ya...

We are planning a trip over Labor day to go see Brandon's dad and brother. We cannot wait for this. We were supposed to take it about a month ago before I was feeling bad. We are taking our new dog on the adventure too so should be fun. Brandon can't wait to fish and I can't wait to scrapbook. The boys get to explore "the woods".

Just said goodbye to Becca, our longtime friend and nanny....sad to think this will be a year experienced without her, but excited for her journey ahead in Mexico. Becca- you're golden and WE LOVE YOU!

I'm also sort of sad the Olympics are over.They seem like such an epic occurrence and it's nice to be a part of history making. Oh well, only 18 more months until the Winter Olympics! (Feb 12, 2010)

How are you doing, my friends? I realize that it's hard to communicate through a blog but please hit us up on our myspace, facebooks (Brandon, Christi), or twitters (Brandon, Christi). We'd LOVE to hear from you and what's new in your lives!!