Okie words?

Just for fun....Are these Okie or do people say these everywhere?
The Okie Accent is largely characterized by a twang which is the pronunciation of a word with elongated vowels and adding of extra syllables to increase the length of the sound of the words which serve to create a drawl. i.e., the word "get" would be stretched out in a complex but subtle pronunciation of "gee-ut-ah", someone unfamiliar with the dialect or not listening closely would hear simply "git". (photo courtesy of Fotosearch)
  • Konked- meaning sleeping hard ( I just wrote that to a friend and thought it sounded funny)
  • Little smokies-Describing the little weiners wrapped in a crescent roll or biscuit
  • Warsh-meaning wash (this one is a pet peeve of mine)
  • Walmarts - "I went down to Walmarts and gots me a deal." (another pet peeve)
  • Howdy- a friendly gesture
  • Ya'll- meaning "you all".
  • Fridee- meaning Friday.
  • Look-sie- meaning, let me take a look.
  • Coke- meaning any kind of soda :) Wanna go get a coke?
  • Fixin- getting ready to
I could probably think of more but I'm sure that's enough to keep you going. We had some friends move here from California and we were telling them that people around here don't actually talk with an Okie accent like in the movies. We pulled up to a drive thru and the man said "Howdy, how can I help ya?" We were busted!

I'm proud to be an Oklahoman- this is my home, but it's fun to laugh about our unique culture. Where do you live? What are some unique phrases you hear often?