Dog days of summer

Watch the video from News9 that highlights our new dog!!(first it will say it's invalid but there should be another window open as a pop-up with the video on it).

My friend Kim talked about the "dog days of summer" last week so I thought that would make a great title:)

You know why? Well, because we got our very first dog! His name is Lincoln (we call him Linc for short since there are Zelda lovers here) and we adopted him from the Oklahoma Humane Society. We saw him on our local news and instantly fell in love with him!

He is just precious and makes a great addition to our family. The boys are loving having him around. We have a cat and she seems to be OK with him being here too so that's a plus. We will be taking lots of pics of him, I'm sure, just haven't done that yet :)

Do you have pets? How long have you had your pets? Tell us the name(s) of your pet(s) and what they are like!!