Trust (pt 2 of 4)

Trusting Others

It's hard to trust others too. Man- I really have some trust issues, huh? I just know that there are people whom I trust with everything and others who I don't.

If I delegate something, I trust that it will get done. If I tell a "secret", I expect a friend to keep it silent. If I am struggling, I trust my friends to tell me the truth (even if it hurts).

So- that' why I have a hard time trusting. I think I place many expectations and make it difficult to earn my trust.

I'm learning that I have to be vulnerable or I will never learn to trust others. If I hold it all in- how will anyone "earn" my trust? I've come a long way. I have also strived to be that trustworthy friend that others seek.

Do you struggle with trusting others? Are you vulnerable? How many people do you share those "secrets" with? How many people speak truth into your life?